Couple axe throwing near parma, oh

How to Throw an Axe

Your starting stance should have you on the edge of your toes, leaning in towards the target. Hold the axe with two hands, dominate hand on the axe, supporting hand around your knuckles, without touching the handle. With the axe at 90 degrees, lean in towards the bullseye, arms stretched out fully extended, with no bend in your elbows. That’s position #1. In a clean, smooth motion, bring the axe over your head, in-between your shoulder blades. The axe should now be 90 degrees, but the head is now facing down to the ground, parallel to your body. Make sure you are almost scratching your back, or even give it a good scratch while you’re back there. You don’t want the axe head perpendicular to your body, but instead, inline with your spine. This is position #2, and at the same time, you should be rocking from your toes to the back of your heels. Make sure not to lift your lead foot off the ground, as you’ll be gaining the majority of your power and momentum through your step into this throw.

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