Axe Throwing Birthday Parties

Near Cleveland

Trying to find birthday party ideas?

Axe throwing birthday parties are for everyone

Looking for something different for birthday parties in the Cleveland area? An axe throwing birthday party is the perfect idea for something exciting and fun.  Whether you’re an experienced axe-pert or new to the sport, you will have a blast! Whether your birthday party group is large or small, axe throwing makes for a great birthday party!

axe throwing birthday cake


Why settle for kids games at your backyard party? Imagine your guest’s reaction when you surprise them with Axe Throwing! Our Mobile Axe Throwing Trailer will transform your event in the Cleveland area into laughter and memories. Book a session and you’ll see it’s more than axes and targets.


These days, being able to limit gatherings to your friends and family is important. Axe-Masters provides you a private entertainment experience. We have stringent cleaning and safety practices and each Axing host goes through comprehensive training. Because you control the guest list and the location, your event is filled with fun and peace of mind.


Axe-Masters for the win! Make sure you capture the action because no one will believe that you had Axe Throwing at your event. Whether it’s a birthday party or special celebration, our Axing Hosts know how to make the day so much brighter and your axe throwing event special!

Mobile Axe throwing!

We Bring AXE

Now you can have an AXE Throwing birthday party in your own backyard, at your local bar or at your office ... ANYWHERE! Axe-Masters is ready to transform your special day into a spectacular day!

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