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Frequently Axed Questions

Axe Throwing has been used in both sport and war since the 5th century with the more modern day Axe Throwing locations starting in 2011.  Axe-Masters Mobile Axe Throwing number one goal is our participants’ safety.    

Once the trailer arrives, we will set up for using two targets.  Your professional Axe-Masters coach will go over safety and technique with your participants. Then, the competition begins!

Mobile Axe throwing time can vary depending on the type of event. A group game play setting can be tailored from 30 mins to an hour while our free throw sessions can be as quick as 3 minutes. 

Learning to throw an axe is very simple, but mastering aim, power and trajectory can take some time. Some get it right away and others take a few tries. Your Axe Master is there to help you stick that axe to the target and help you to develop your Axe Throwing skills. We also have various weights and sizes of axes to make sure everyone has an axe that they feel comfortable with.

Axe-Masters Mobile Axe Throwing deposit is non-refundable. A rebooking fee is charged if you need to change your date or time. 

While axe throwing is safe and fun for people of all ages ,Ax-Masters Mobile Axe Throwing does not recommend participating if you are pregnant, have a heart condition, have had recent major surgery, back problems, or are unable to stand for extended periods of time.

Ax-Masters Mobile Axe Throwing has the right to turn away anyone they feel may be too inebriated to safely participate.

Wear comfortable CLOSED TOE SHOES and please bring loose comfortable shirts and coats. Mobile Axe Throwing is an outside experience, unless you have arranged for inside-parking for your facility. Please dress accordingly for the daily weather. You will also be required to complete our online waiver before participating.

Axe-Masters Mobile Axe Throwing is here to make sure that you have an enjoyable experience. In the event of rain or snow that would cause a dangerous throwing condition, Axe-Masters Mobile Axe Throwing will allow you to reschedule your event to another day and time as long as we have notice 4 hours before our arrival, and you are within 50 miles of our Cleveland, Ohio location.  Axe-Masters Mobile Axe Throwing does have the final say if we are to cancel an event. Axe-Masters Mobile Axe Throwing reserves the right to pause activities. In the event of continuous bad weather, Axe-Masters Mobile Axe Throwing will rain check your remaining time left to another day. If you are located 50 miles or more from our Cleveland, Ohio location, 24 hours notice must be made to rain check your event. Axe-Masters Mobile Axe Throwing has the final say on all weather related rain checks. There are no refunds.  

We recommend Mobile Axe Throwing for ages 13 and up. Anyone under the age of 18 must have their legal guardian with them during axe throwing.  

Axe-Masters Mobile Axe Throwing is equipped with our own generator to power any needed lights. You will not need to provide any outlets or cords. 

We recommend booking your private party at least 6 weeks out, but we will do our best to accommodate your group for last minute bookings.  

We require a $100 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking to secure your date and a location. Balance must be paid 7 days before your event. Extra time must be reserved in advance.

Yes, we can provide that. 

We have trained team members, posted signage and specific safety instructions.

We have a 20ft trailer and truck.

Our trailer is equipped with a stabilizer for uneven ground. No hills, please.

No, as long as the ground is dry.

Additional time must be planned ahead, as we might have other scheduled events.

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