Axes in front of axe throwing target

Rules of Axe Throwing

Depending on the type of league there are different boards and scoring, but the board needs to made of wood. In 2020 there are 2 very popular leagues: IATF (International Axe Throwing Federation, formerly NATF) and WATL (World Axe Throwing League). IATF targets have 4 zones: 3 main and 1 extra – the clutch. WATL targets have 5 main zones and 1 extra. The distance of the throwing line to the target should be around 4,5 meters to allow the axe to rotate only once, but of course every league has its own rules for games, distance, board and even axes. E.g. Playing IATF classic league match the majority of the blade in the board counts but in the WATL it’s enough to touch the line to have a point. Matches of both leagues are individual.[5] [6]The common rule is that thrower must not step over the throwing line before the axe hits or misses the target; a thrower who steps over the line gets 0 points. Before the competition, a special target for practice throws must be made available. Throwers practicing on the competition target will be disqualified from the competition.[7] There are also championships in other games or trick shots.

There are 2 main sizes of axes using in the leagues: small (600 – 800 g) – for normal rounds and big (1000 – 1500 g) – “tiebreaker”. Weights previously written apply only to the blade. The rules of IATF allow to play only axes with wooden handle, WATL does not have any restrictions.

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